We have different kinds  of  safe , powerful and reliable vehicles from economy to luxury for rent. In Ulaanbaatar there are a wide range of modern cars such as from Japan, Korea, the USA, Germany and Russia. In the countryside we recommend you that Russian or Japanese jeeps or 4WD minivans which are more appropriate for dusty and unpaved roads of Mongolia .offers you car rental service with experienced driver for your comfortable and adventure journey in Mongolia. Our service is safe, fast and responsible. If you want we are able to calculate your trip distance and set your itinerary. If the car break down on the way we will replace your car  as soon as possible.

Toyota Landcruiser-80, Toyota Landcruiser-100, Russian Russian Minivan UAZ-452 .These cars are all of different sizes so should be chosen according to your passenger and luggage requirements. Just send us a mail at  to ask more information.

  • It’s possible to pay for renting a car per day. It will cost for you US $30-–US$ 70 per day. Additionally you should pay us for petrol, driver’s food & accommodation before start the trip.
  • We don’t rent a car without a driver. You can rent a car only with a local driver. 
  • 30% of the total payment to be paid upon confirmation.
  • The balance to be paid before start the trip after your arrival in Mongolia.
 Japanese  jeep

Japanese jeeps are the most comfortable and fast  for long distance traveling in Mongolia. All cars are equipped with air-condition. The Japanese cars can contain up to 5 people including the driver. You can use these cars both for short and long distance.

Mark: Land Cruiser  Jeep
Hire cost: 70$ per day
Capacity: 4 seats
Air condition: Yes
Fuel per day: 20L / Diesel /
Max km per day: 300-350km off-road

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Mark: Mitsubishi Delica, minivan 4WD
Hire cost:  60$ per day
Capacity: 4-5 seats
Air condition: Yes
Fuel per day: 18  (Diesel and Gasoline)
Max km per day: 200-250km off-road

 image089  image088

Russian Minivan UAZ -452


Russian Minivan  it is modern, safe, powerful and reliable car which ensures a smooth ride both in heavy city traffic and on the rough terrain. Thanks to its large size, spacious cabin, and huge trunk  this vehicle is perfectly suitable for family and big – company voyage. The car can contain up to 6 people.


 Mark: UAZ-452, Russian minivan
Hire cost
: 50$ per day
: 4-6 seats
Air condition: yes
Fuel per day: 18L
Max km per day: 200-250km off-road



 image093  image092

Mark: Sedan / toyoto pruis, toyoto spacio /
Hire cost: 30$ per day
Capacity: 4 seats
Air condition: Yes
Fuel per day: 10L
Max km per day: 300-350km by paved road



It's better to see ONCE than to hear a THOUSAND times! The cheapest SHORT tours and car rental service!

The cheapest SHORT tours and car rental service!


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