TRIP-8. “Orkhon” Waterfall and Tovkhon Tour

TRIP-8. “Orkhon”  Waterfall and Tovkhon Tour

Route: UB- Waterfall- Kharkhorin-UB
Region: Central Mongolia                                                                                                                 Length of tour: 5 nights / 6 days                                                                                                            Available: 01 April  - 15 October/2017
Hifghlights:  Kharkhorin ,Erdene-Zuu Monastery and Waterfall

Trip 8

It's better to see ONCE than to hear a THOUSAND times!

It’s better to see ONCE
than to hear a THOUSAND times!

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Pick up and transport to your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 1.  Ulaanbaatar City Tour                                                                                                         Today we will do the city tour in Ulaanbaatar. Our guide will meet you at 9:00 am  and starting from  Gandan Monastery, the biggest and important Monastery with over 400 monks.From here we will go to the National History Museum which shows the rich history of Mongolia. Then we will visit main squares where we will find Government House etc. After Lunch  if you want we can do shopping for Mongolian brand pure  cashmere Goyo and Altai. After that  we will enjoy Mongolian traditional Concert at 06:00 pm. Welcome to the Dinner. Stay at Hotel.***

Day 2.  Central Mongolia / Karakorum , Erdene- Zuu Monastery                                                   After breakfast we begin our tour into the countryside , we drive to the  west to  Kharkhorin, Ancient capital city of the Mongolian Empire , 800 years ago.Visit Erdene Zuu Monastery which was built on the ruins of the city in 1586 , was the first Buddhist center in Mongolia. Visit the nearby museum display with many unique items from Mongolian culture and archaeology.

Day 3. Orkhon Waterfall                                                                                                                      After breakfast travel to the Orkhon waterfall . Visit Nomadic family and enjoy hospitality nomads . Stay at Mongolian tourist ger camp for overnight.

Day 4.  Tuvkhun Monastery                                                                                                               Drive to Tuvkhun Monastery with  a beautiful surrounding natures. Overnight at  ger guesthouse  near the mountain. Relaxation day. Walk in the area , climb the hills overlooking the Monasteries and  horse riding.Dinner and overnight.

Day 5.   Elsen Tasarkhai                                                                                                                        Back  way trip to ” Elsen Tasarkhai ” ( sand dunes) in the Khogno Khan Nature Reserve. Walk and explore the dunes.Camp overnight in tents or gers.

image043Day 6.  Hustai National Park                                          Today after breakfast we will drive to Hustai National Park. To see the Mongolian Horse , The Przewalkie , which Mongolian folks call the Takhi , the last wild bred of horses in the world.Drive in the park to see the original wild Mongolian horse  and Marmots and other wild animals. Dinner and Overnight .

Day 7. Ulaanbaatar / Departure                                                                                                    Transfer to the airport or train station for international departure.

Services included :                                                                                                                          Accommodations for whole trip                                                                                                               All meals during the trip                                                                                                                     Transport for all program                                                                                                                          All entrance fees                                                                                                                                    Guide / English speaking/                                                                                                                              Horse & camel riding                                                                                                                                  Bottled pure water                                                                                                                                          City Tour

Services not included :                                                                                                                          International transportation                                                                                                                 Travel and medical Insurance                                                                                                                 Own expenses  and  Laundry                                                                                                                         Alcoholic drinks

Accommodation and meals in UB










It's better to see ONCE than to hear a THOUSAND times!

It’s better to see ONCE
than to hear a THOUSAND times!






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