TRIP-7. Khuvsgul Lake Tour

TRIP-7.  Khuvsgul Lake  Tour

Route : UB- Khuvsgul Lake -UB                                                                                                       Region: North and Central Mongolia                                                                                              Length of tour: 11 nights / 12 days                                                                                                 Available: 01 June -15 October /2017                                                                               Highlights: Nomadic lifestyle and  family , Lake Khuvsgul and reindeer people 

Trip 7image073

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Pick up and transport to your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 1.  Ulaanbaatar City Tour                                                                                                         Today we will do the city tour in Ulaanbaatar. Our guide will meet you at 9:00 am  and starting from  Gandan Monastery, the biggest and important Monastery with over 400 monks.From here we will go to the National History Museum which shows the rich history of Mongolia. Then we will visit main squares where we will find Government House etc. After Lunch  if you want we can do shopping for Mongolian brand pure  cashmere Goyo and Altai. After that  we will enjoy Mongolian traditional Concert at 06:00 pm. Welcome to the Dinner. Stay at Hotel.***

Day 2. Central Mongolia / Elsen Tasarkhai                                                                                    After your breakfast start trip  at  9:00 am  to the Elsen-Tasarkhai which is  a narrow sand dune lays about 90km long. You can  walking  around on the sand dunes and enjoy the nature.Dinner and  overnight.  

Day 3.    Kharkhorn -Ancient Capital city / Erdene-Zuu Monastery                                         Head  to Kharkhorin – the ancient  capital of the Mongolian Empire in the 13th  Century and visit Erdene – Zuu Monastery.The Monastery  was built  on the ruins of the Karakorum in 1586, the first Buddhist center in Mongolia.The temples  contain a valuable collection of Buddhist sculptures and  artworks. Dinner and Overnight.

Day 4. Tsetserleg / Taikhar Rock                                                                                                     Travel to  “Taikhar rock”  via Tsetserleg town. The Taikhar rock stands alone on an  incredibly large plain , there is nothing else around it. It is truly extraordinary natural feature. If you want you can ride a yak here. Dinner and  overnight.

Day 5.  Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake/ Khorgo Dead Volcano                                                                 Trip to “ Terkhiin Tsagaan  Lake” and Khorgo mountain dead volcano is located on the northern part of Khangai Mountain Range at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Korgo is rich in beautiful scenery of mountains , cliffs , rapid streams , rivers,lakes,extinct volcanoes, green forests and pastures, where the long-haired yaks and horses pasture.This attractive landscape has high biological diversity.Dinner and overnight

Day 6.  Shine -Ider town                                                                                                                     Heading to  Murun . On the way spend an overnight near the  Shine -Ider small town. Dinner and overnight.

Day 7.  Moron city / North Mongolia                                                                                                We’ll drive to Moron town of  Khuvsgul  province. Dinner at the restaurant . Overnight at hotel.

Day 8-9. Khuvsgul Lake / North Mongolia                                                                                                Drive to Khuvsgul Lake via Khatgal sum. Overnight in tents near the Lake.  The next day we will  hiking  to the one of the  small hill which offers the  whole views of  the Khuvsgul lake. It takes one day easily. Dinner and overnight.

Day 10.  Bulgan  and Erdenet city                                                                                                      Travel to Bulgan province and Erdenet city. Dinner and overnight .

Day 11. Aglag Buteel Monastery                                                                                                        Visit  Aglag Buteel Khiid – Monastery via Erdenet city.Late afternoon come to UB and stay at your hotel.

Day 12. Ulaanbaatar / Departure18634827643_e2a4d7290e_n      Transfer  for international departure and see you off at the airport.

Services included :                                               Accommodations for whole trip

image074All meals during the trip                         Transport for all program                                  All entrance fees                                          Guide / English speaking/                           Horse & camel riding                                             Bottled pure water                                                  City Tour

Services not included :                    

International transportation                               Travel and medical Insurance                            Own expenses  and  Laundry                           Alcoholic drinks

Accommodation and meals in UB



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