TRIP-4. Middle gobi and Southgobi Tour

TRIP-4.  Middlegobi and Southgobi Tour

Route: UB-Gobi-Ulaanbaatar-UB
Region: South Mongolia                                                                                                                     Length of tour:7 nights / 8 days                                                                                                              Available: 01 April – 15 October /2017
Hifghlights:   Gobi : Baga Gazryn Chuluu, Tsagaan suvraga , Yolyn am, Khongoryn Els

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Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Pick up and transport to your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar.

Day 1.  Baga Gazriin Chuluu / Middlegobi

Today we start the trip to  Baga Gazriin Chuluu  into the  Middle Gobi.We will be passing  through open country which is completely devoid of tress the Mongolian steppe  with brilliant blue sky canopy. Walk Easy – Moderate 2-3 k’s.We will see the  interesting rock formations in Gobi. There is a interesting spring which is  come out a rock . Local people say it is good for eyesights. Meet the wonderful Mongolian host family at their ger camp which is close to beautiful rock formations. Stay overnight in shared Family owned gers.

Day 2.  Tsagaan Suvraga / Middlegobi

After breakfast trip to “Tsagaan Suvraga”.On the way visit  “Sum Khukh Burd”  an oasis / and a ruin of an ancient temple. Reach in  “ Tsagaan Suvraga”  via “Luus” a small town. Overnight  atger guesthouse or tourist camp.

Day 3.  Yoliin Am / Southgobi

Continue trip to “Eagle Valley” National Park, / Yolyn Am/  and visit icy canyon. Hiking in a long  narrow valley for all day.Lunch picnic in the NP. Horse and camel riding available. If you are lucky you will see wild animals.  Overnight at ger  guesthouse or tourist camp.

Day 4. Khongoryn Els / Southgobi

Next morning to  “Khongor” Sand Dune. Scenery  is  beautiful. Exploring and relaxing in surrounding area. Overnight  in Mongolian ger guesthouse with meals.


Day 5. Bayn-Zag/ Southgobi

Drive to back direction to the Bayan Zag, which is home of the dinosaurs. Overnight  at ger guesthouse or tourist camp .

Day 6 .Ongi river/ Southgobi 

Travel to the Ongi river And OngynKhiid- ruins of the Temple. Overnight  at ger guesthouse or tourist camp.

Day 7. Kharhorin Erdenezuu/ Central Mongolia

Drive to Kharkhorin, the ancient  capital of the Mongolian Empire in the 13thcentury  and  “Erdene zuu” Monastery.Visit magnificent Erdene Zuu  Monastery  built  on the ruins of the KharKhorin  in 1586,was the first Buddhist center in Mongolia.The temples  contain a valuable collection of Buddhist sculptures, artwork and books.Dinner and overnight  at ger guesthouse.

Day 8. Ulaanbaatar/ departure

Arrive in UB in the afternoon. Stay at hotel  in UB.

 Services included :                                                                                                                           

Accommodations  during the trip

All meals ,Transport for all program                                                                                                             All entrance fees                                                                                                                                    Guide / English speaking/                                                                                                                              Horse & camel riding                                                                                                                                  Bottled pure water

Services not included :                                                                                                                          International transportation                                                                                                                 Travel and medical Insurance                                                                                                                 Own expenses  and  Laundry                                                                                                                         Alcoholic drinks

Accommodation and meals in UB

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