Journey to TERELJ N.Park

Journey to TERELJ N.Park

The price includes:Two-way transportation and entrance fee to the National Park.1 night / 2 days trip . Activities: Horseback riding for 2 hours, sleeping in a ger, three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and the opportunity to experience real nomadic life with Mongolian nomads.

 image040   1 person: US$ 80

    2 person: US$ 120

    3 person: US$ 150

    4 person: US$ 200

More than 4 people the price is same each 50$ .One extra night in Terelj: US $30 each person.

PS. If you want  to visit Chinggis Khan Statue as an optional trip  on the way -  /the biggest horseman statue in the world/ there would be  extra fee $30  between a group. The entrance fee  5$  per person at the  statue is not included.


It's better to see ONCE than to hear a THOUSAND times!

It’s better to see ONCE
than to hear a THOUSAND times!

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