Other trips
If you have a different trip in your mind, we can also arrange tailor-made trips, just let us know where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. If you would like to see Naadam, the country’s biggest festival, held in Ulaanbaatar July 11th-12th. We may also have the chance to see one of the smaller local Naadam festivals in the countryside during the trips (the dates vary around mid-July from year to year).

Tour condition:
All our tours are eco-adventure so, transportation and sightseeing are in same condition and only difference between budget and luxury tour is the accommodation. Once you choose luxury tour, you’ll stay at tourist camps with 3 meals and shower during the trip. If you do budget trip you will sleep at Mongolian ger guesthouse with 3 meals but with no shower mostly . Vegetarians are welcome.

Tour price is based on number of people attending on a tour and the type of tour you’re taking. Budget and luxury tours are available at any time as you book them as package. If you want to join to other group or people, you need to contact us.
• What clients should expect from the accommodation:
Accommodation in the city will be at a 3-star Hotel Guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar, which is the basic standard. Shower or bath and other facilities are available. Accommodation during the trip in countryside will be ger camps with hot shower sand communal toilet facilities. There will be no toilet and shower facilities during the days with tented nights.

• What clients should expect for meals: What is available in Mongolia?
Generally the quality of meals in Mongolia is good, due to the quality of meat, which is 100% organic and free-range. Mongolian livestock is grown in free pasturelands across the country. Meals in the city will be in restaurants, which serve European, Asian and Mongolian cuisines. In the ger camps, the meals will be either European or Mongolian. During camping with tents meals will be much simpler.
• Extremes of weather and how to prepare for them:
The temperature can change from day to night unpredictably and drastically, so one should bring warm clothes to wear during the night-time. Waterproof wind jacket, gloves and hat are also essential.
• What to bring – including clothing / food / equipment:
Other items to pack include: Trekking boots, warm clothes, sunglasses, lip balm, forehead flashlight, notebook and pens, spare batteries, a compass, multiple copies of identification, medical kit first aid box, wear a money belt for your valuables (passport, cash, etc.), your personal toiletries (including hand and bath towel, shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrush, dental floss).
• Money exchange information:
Travellers should carry a supply of clean and new US dollar bills. Traveller cheques are not common in Mongolia. Credit cards (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard) are only accepted in Ulaanbaatar, and are limited to larger hotels, airlines, tourist agencies, and a few shops. Most Asian and European currencies can be traded in Ulaanbaatar, but the US dollar is the most reliable form of currency. The money can be changed in banks and exchange offices. The bank rates are a little bit lower than in exchange offices.
Tourist visas of Mongolia
A visa is required by everyone except those who hold USA, Malaysia, Israel passports traveling within 30 days and those with Singaporean, Philippines and Hong Kong passports traveling within 15 days. Visas are usually valid for 30 days and should be applied for at least one month before arrival in Mongolia.
Juulchin Tourism Corporation provides the customer with a visa support invitation letter for Mongolia.

We aim to provide accurate and detailed information and to make you aware of the less positive aspects of the journey you are undertaking. Some facts you should be aware of are outlined below: A flexible attitude is required when traveling in less developed areas. Minor problems can occur and it is important to recognize that guides, drivers and other local staff are not as experienced in tourism as those in more developed nations.


Short Tours:

City Tour
Day trip to Terelj N. Park
Travel to Terelj National Park
Kharkhorin Tour -1
Kharkhorin Tour-2
Tour to Hustai National Park
Middle Gobi Tour
Kharkhorin &Tovkhon Monastery

Main Tours:
TRIP-1. Kharkhorin -Terkh and Ugii Lake
TRIP-2. Kharhorin and Tovkhon Monastery
TRIP-3. Kharkhorin and Ugii Lake Tour
TRIP-4 Middlegobi and Southgobi Tour
TRIP-5. Gobi and Kharkhorin city Tour
TRIP-6 Adventure Tour
Trip-7. Khuvsgul Lake Tour
TRIP-8. Orkhon Waterfall and Tovkhon Khiid

We don’t visit all of these places on a single tour. If you would like to visit all of these places you can add-on extra days to include them, either as an extension of the original tours or another short tours preceding or following the original. This can be prior arranged or added in Mongolia.

In the capital Ulaanbaatar we visit the important museums , monasteries and places to give you an understanding of the rich history and culture of the Mongolian people, how they arrived at their present way of life and fortunes.

Discover and enjoy Mongolia with us!

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