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Ovoot Tours is a reliable  family run Mongolian tour company. We are Tsegii and Amaraa (Husband and wife) and my sister Deegii  we  work together to provide you with the very best experience Mongolia can offer you.  We both have many years experience in the tour industry in Mongolia and are well ‘versed’ in what the most discerning traveler wants.

We  have many contacts and associations with local people all over Mongolia and will be able to help you experience an authentic Mongolia in a very unique way.

Ovoot Tours are a quality, trustworthy and inexpensive  tour option. We will be able to create a trip  especially to suit your needs or help you build a group to travel with others.

Ovoot Tours offer pickups from Airport and Train Station, Traditional Mongolian Performance concert Bookings, Train Bookings, Hire car plus a driver services  and much more….Just send an enquiry anytime and we’ll assist with your needs. Our Facebook address: Nomadic Gobi Tours

Please see the many interesting tour pictures in our Facebook page.

Sincerely yours ,

Tsegii and Amaraa – Tour managers / English speaking/

Some Happy Travellers – REVIEWS -

I have travelled and made tours with Tsegii many times over the past ten years and she is 100% reliable, competent and experienced.  I have seen lots of Mongolia and will keep coming back to it’s wildness and incredible blue skies..

Tsegii arnd Amaraa are warm hearted human beings with a wealth of knowledge about their home country. I will travel with them again next year.  Rensina van den Heuvel-Australia

 We did the “Khuvsgul Lake Tour” and it was very very beautiful..unforgettable! We had a really nice driver with an awesome russian van – haha, that was just great!
Deserts, Volcanoes, Lakes.. so many impressions! That’s how an real adventure should be like
Anytime again!  Karl Heider- Germany

 Love Mongolia!  Our tour guides, Tsegii and Amaraa picked us up from the train station and  couldn’t have been more kind and helpful. Catherine Burns- Australia

John and Marie from Australia,  20Aug to 10Sep, 2019.
- Our tour finished today, with dinner with Tsegii, Amraa and children. It was nice to meet the children, as we had heard quite a bit about them. Our trip was the best anyone could wish for! Thank you for your help in all of this.
We were so pleased and surprised when Tsegii met us at the station on arrival, and then suggested that we extend our trip, instead of waiting around in UB.
This was the perfect answer as we really did not want to spend so long in the city.
We saw so much, and were luckily to meet lots of interesting people along the way. There were so many wild flowers in the fields, so many different perfumes. We delighted seeing the little ground squirrels, swans, eagles, vultures, camels, sheep, goats, yaks, the beautiful horses, and the wonderful scenery. The mountains and the Gobi were full of surprises. The Gobi actually reminded us of Central Australia in many ways. We loved the canyons and the national parks, and were mystified as to how anyone can find their way on the maze of tracks, without any sign posts! It was definitely an unforgettable three weeks. Amraa and Tsegii were wonderful, nothing was too much trouble for them, and they looked after us so well.
Once again, thank you for all your help,
Warmest regards,
John and Marie from Australia,
20Aug to 10Sep, 2019.